Thursday, March 9, 2017

Legendary Magick? Curb Your Enthusiasm!

I have noticed a disturbing trend amongst my peers over the last few months - a ''limit your expectations'' screed that is being applied to both magick and technology.  Those on the technological side are telling people to not get excited about the possibilities of virtual reality, etc and that science is entering a period where there will be no genuine innovation and on the magickal side they are telling people that magick is generally a very subtle influence on probability so please don't get into this expecting too many fireworks.

Going back in the day a bit here, there was an argument between various magicians about the manifestation of spirits and what to and what not to expect when it came to them materialising in the room with you.  I was, and still am, on the side of Fr. Assan Chassen who believes that if you don't see them (or sense them in some way) you are not doing it right.  I am not disputing that you can experience results from the work without observing the spirit its simply that you are only experiencing a portion of what is out there.

The truth is that if you are not getting extremely interesting and perhaps ''legendary'' experiences you are probably doing it wrong.  You have ''haggled for the egg'' and therefore cheapened your magic; you have made various compromises in the acquisition of the specific ingredients - which are important moreso as a test of your wits and determination than any intrinsic material quality. You will have cut corners when it comes to ritual purity, astrological timing, repetition of your spell, etc and the experience and results have become weaker.  ''Enflame thy will'' means just that and when you are immolated by this will, this intense blinding focus, this devotion, then your results will not be those of the half-assed casual magus.

Believe me, I understand the need for the screed.  I understand that many delusional people wander into the world of magick and need to learn to discern between reality and their imagination. However, imagination is as vital a tool in the magus as the will and the way in which we curb the enthusiasm should not be deleterious to it.  Wonderful things are possible.  Aspire to them!  Such visions, such splendour, such wisdom.  You will learn to remember the deep past, project into the future, into other worlds, into other souls.  Spirits will bring you knowledge you never had, you will learn to think outside of your mind.  Your life will be alchemically transformed.  Fate will twist in upon itself and carry you to secret places within it.  The skies will open and thunder will crack in ecstasy but only if you are elite. If you are not there, then to get to there you will need a montage.

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