Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Earth Altar - 231 Gates and VITRIOL

''By these means, Yah, Eternal of Hosts, God of Israel, Living Elohim, Almighty God, High and Extolled, Dwelling in Eternity, Holy Be His Name traced twenty-two letters and fixed them upon a wheel. He turns the wheel forwards and backwards, and as a sign of this, nothing is better than to ascend in delight and nothing is worse than to descend with the plague.''  
Chapter 2 Verse 5 Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version


The astrological globe from the early phases of establishing the Earth Altar in Edward Kelley's Tower has now been used as a focal point for the development of a meditative/magickal device based on the 231 Gates. 

Since Christmas I have been charging icons of all 22 symbols on the Earth Altar proper.  They have been above the crystals/rocks and beneath the Raven of Adonai Ha Aretz and have been general recipients of the prayers and evocations of Enlil.  I have also recently acquired moldavite for this project as well. 


A few weekends ago my sister came to Prague on a scouting mission for the 231 Gates project and its possible involvement in Time Travel - the plan being to somehow use the thin membrane between dimensions at the Tower to send information through time (first experiment would have been her novel).  We met with Vincent Bridges* at Hemingway's glorious cocktail bar by the Vltava and discussed theories and experiences of time travel.  He thought that sending information back to Edward Kelley was not advisable (although I still differ in opinion here**) and that sending information to the future was more likely to succeed.  I think it would be pointless to send some of the more endocrinological or molecular biological aspects of my work back as they won't know what I am talking about***.  We have still to discuss the relationship between what they knew and the science of Genetics, where I think we both have useful points to exchange, regarding tRNA codons, the 12 basic genetic rhythms, planetary organelles and how this relates to the Alefbeit and the Sefer Yetzirah as the book of *creation*.


My sister hit upon the idea of opening up the astrological globe and placing the icons around the edge. This would create the 231 gates quite literally.  Regrettably only the zodiac signs would fit around the edge which necessitated a three fold division of the symbols i.e. zodiac, planets, and elements, with them being on concentric rings within the globe (like the flower on the Golden Dawn Rose Lamen).  This had the interesting effect of applying the rule of 3, 7 and 12 to the 231 Gates arrangement and some interesting patterns emerged which I will discuss in an extension.  Usefully (or dangerously) the symbols may then be rotated back and forth as is suggested in the 231 gates.


We went upstairs to the Tower proper and had a little look around the museum.  My sister detected vortexes which are spilling something (chaos, life-force?) into the area around the Tower.  She detected one channel going up and another one going down.  Subsequently Mr Bridges confirmed the existence of wells in the basement and my suggestion that there may be caverns down there was not ruled out.  Mr Bridges thinks the Tower is built atop a natural source of spiritual energy - perhaps the wells are the haunt of an ancient dryad or undine?


Next to the channel going down is a poster displaying VITRIOL and the planets shown inside the Earth. Conceptually this mapped to what we were doing with the globe. Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem.  We would place the zodiac signs, planets and the three mother elements inside the globe with an Earth Stone at the centre****. 

After experimenting with rotating the arrangement in different ways the atmosphere in the room completely changed, I experienced a sharp pinging sound in my head and was then sent into a very erratic emotional state which is not very like me.  We became scared about the exact interpretation of ascend in delight and descend in plague and were not sure whether they are to be exactly correlated to the direction you turn the wheel.  In the early phases of building the structure I forgot to agree with the Hebrew and arrange the letters counterclockwise - if the above direction of rotation was a factor this could have lead to critical errors.  Although we feel we have moved forward in the 231 Gates project, there is also a sense of danger about what I am doing - after all I have been informed that 90% of the Tower complex's residences have died or gone insane over the years although I am also informed I am in the ''safest'' appartment.  The important thing to remember with over twelve years of work on the Sefer Yetzirah under my belt that whirling these symbols *is* whirling my mind.


The device is currently at rest but I am absolutely sure that it does *something* and that I am supposed to do *something* with it.  The question still remains as to what that something is.  It may well still be a time-hacking device.

**The whole universe is a paradox.
***Like anyone really does.
****This will be replaced by moldavite.