Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Earth Altar - Kelley's Tower

I realise I haven't posted for a while.  I was busy resting in the sunshine in the microclimate of Kelley's tower. It has a strange way of making any weather beautiful but this Winter I enjoyed some amazing sunshine.  I have been thinking a lot about my portal project and had some bizarre synchronicities.

Kelley's Tower has been something of an expatriate hangout since the Velvet Revolution and there are a whole host of interesting artists associated with it.  One of them gave me the keys to my flat as I moved in when he moved out.  Below is the album he recorded in the basement:

LBRP song recorded in the basement of Kelley's Tower

You can't currently get into the basement as it is sealed off, but apparently it is a vast location under the courtyard with tunnels that lead to Prague Castle and tunnels which Rudolf probably used to visit his various alchemist pets.

A local author, famous for his acid-noir style, came over to read from his new book The Combinations which is set in the Tower and which will be out in June.  Written many years ago the book details the adventures of a man living in the courtyard and tower and his interactions with the place itself and the characters associated with it.  During the book the tower is being deconstructed by people renovating and making way to turn it into Kelley's Tower Hotel.  The funny thing is this is what is now happening.  Everyday with the exception of Sunday I am woken by the sound of heavy machinery being operated through the wall.

Conscious that I will be the last of these artists I have decided to make a documentary about the Tower and have already recruited a small film team and am trying to source some more advanced equipment for a ghost-watch style event to be included with it.  I have no experience of paranormal investigation so it would be much appreciated if anyone  wants to chip in with ideas about what I should aim to look for.

What I know currently is there is a temperature drop, and a presence with a haunting event that occurs most evenings.  There is occasionally mild poltergeist action - for instance a bottle was moved yesterday and I saw it happen.  And at certain positions in the Tower and in the tunnel leading to the courtyard mobile phone signal weakens considerably.  Either this is the weird geometry of the place or something else.  It doesn't seem right that it is the geometry as I get signal underground and the tower is actually at street level for the main street.

Anyway I welcome thoughts and input!

- Update 4/11 a very short interview was shot in the Tower which may be released at some point.  This is as far as I got with this project.