Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Parmenides and Anaxagoras

''Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.'' Plutarch

  • Beyond your Perception lies the rest of your Mind.
  • You may think that beyond what you can see or hear lies the rest of the physical world but that is not true.  You only directly experience consciousness.  You never directly perceive the physical universe.  Therefore at the limits of your perception lies the ''Beyond'' of your Mind.  This is what is ''outside the cave.''  Thinking that you look through your eyes at the world, or that the mentally constructed objects you experience are actually the objects themselves is the equivalent of the Fall.  It is why ''Malkuth'' is pendulant to the rest of the Tree of Life.
 ''Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen.'' Anaxagoras
  • Assuming the physical universe exists you are a point of consciousness within your larger Mind which is ''in'' (potentially) the physical universe.  Your consciousness is ''in'' your subconscious and unconscious Mind which is (potentially) within a physical universe.  Any discussion of the physical universe falls under the general heading of ''doxa'' or opinion for it is never directly experienced.
  • You do not move.  There is, in fact, no movement within consciousness.  The perceived content of your psychic cell shifts according to (potentially) physical signals but you do not.  You always remain in the centre of your psychic cell at the centre of your conscious experience of your consciousness.

"Nor is it divisible, since it all alike is. Nor is there any more of it here than there, to hinder it from holding together, nor any less of it, but it is all a plenum, full of what-is. Therefore, it is all continuous, for what-is touches what-is.'' On Nature, Parmenides

  • The undifferentiated universal substrate of consciousness is Mind.  The objects you experience are mental objects.  There is no separation, no size, no movement.  Everything around you is composed of your mind.

 "The decision on these matters depends on this: either it is or it is not. But it has been decided, as is necessary, to let go the one as unthinkable and unnameable (for it is no true path), but to allow the other, so that it is, and is true. How could what-is be in the future? How could it come-to-be? For if it came-to-be, it is not, nor is it if at some time it is going to be. Thus, coming-to-be is extinguished and perishing unheard of.'' On Nature, Parmenides

  • Consciousness is Immortal. The objects percieved around you are constructed of Inner Light.  You never directly experience physical light.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Raziel - Pathwalking to the Tower

Most modern interpretations of the concept of pathwalking involve guided meditations along the Kircher Tree.*  As discussed previously I use the concept in more of a Theurgic sense evoking a letter** on to an actual path and then walk that same path listening to the song of the anima mundi in response.  In previous posts I have discussed how I intepret events and people I meet along the path and how I check their meaning.***

These paths do not have to be grand.  I mentioned how I walked the A47 in England at the beginning of my work in this way.  I was inspired by a story I had heard about yogis and the Ganges.  Apparently if one walks up the Ganges to the source and then back along the other side to the sea one will be a Yogi by the time they have completed the journey.  I understood this to mean that the journey will have worked on the character of the individual, that the people and events they encounter will change them thoroughly.  The A47 changed my way of thinking.

During the 5 yr SY study I walked the Fosse Way quite considerably, an old Roman road (appropriate in some ways as this road was probably built around the same time the SY was written) between two old Roman cities, Bath and Leicester.  The QBListic symbolism in Bath is quite considerable, from the aerial view of the city where the Masonic influence is clear (in the Circus and the Crescent) and the Abbey which hosts Jacob's Ladder along its towers, and I found it thoroughly inspiring for my work.  I walked many paths within the city, from hikes to the University every morning, to wanderings through the forest, Cheddar Gorge, etc - and all the time I was evoking the letters and their kingships and developing my ideas about how they manifest.  It was during this time that I realised both the dangers and the euphoria inherent in such letter work.  Certain letters seemed to be positively dangerous for me either exciting or exacerbating my negative qualities (or positive ones to dangerous levels) though I now understand that this was probably to do with astrological timing that I was not aware of at the time or defects within my own horoscope.

After completing the SY study a path opened for me to travel to Prague, the City of the Autumn Twilight and the capital of the Hermetic Splendour of the Renaissance.  I travelled here by bus, as I don't fly, so my path of travel through Europe was on the ground and has been ever since.  Even the bus journeys, nauseatingly slow at times, I ''walk'' using them to develop certain ideas about the letters and walking the ''moonbeams''.

When I arrived here the first task I needed to complete was my account of the SY study, so after visiting the grave of the Maharal, I walked a path to the highest mountain in the Czech lands and sat down to work.  This is when my ideas about the Saadia Tree (and the ''Tree of Gates'') were cemented.

Recently I have undertaken my most ambitious pathwalking to date.  My theatre company has been producing a play based on certain events in the lives of Dee and Kelley.  I directed the work and occassionally played Rabbi Loew as a stand in if the other actor was unavailable.  The writer decided to take the show to London and because of a change about in my life I used the opportunity to pathwalk the same paths as Dee and Kelley in their own journeys through Europe (to the maximum extent that time and money would allow for).  First we performed Elixir at the base of Edward Kelley's tower in Prague.  Then I travelled to Amsterdam and visited the Biblioteka Hermetica there, studying from a selection of texts but focusing my study on ''Chesed'', then to London (where we performed the play in Camden) and finally to Krakow each time passing back through Prague.  I hit as many key sites on my journey as possible.  I wasn't sure what the result would be but I was encouraged in this work by the Archangel Raziel.  Upon my final return to Prague we performed the play Elixir again.  Then, through a combination of pathwalking, theatrical ritual and Angelic involvement (an alliance of Raziel, Tzadkiel and Uriel) I recieved the tenancy on Edward Kelley's Tower itself and am now proud to call this home, temporarily at least - in fact I will probably be the last person to live there.

Pathwalking does not have to be as grand as this, I started these experiments along humble roads and byways - letting my mind obsess over the letter**, studying its associations, permuting it before opening the gate - in this way I think any path will suffice as long as you really look and really listen.  The letter is a powerful sigil but if one is confused by all of these problems regarding correct association then the astrological symbols themselves will suffice as sigils for this kind of work and my advice is work the planets in Chaldean Order as the Traditions agree.

*Note see Modern Magick for a classic example of how the Kircher Tree messes with a vision.  Kraig's description of the vision is entirely Luna (which Tav is correctly attributed to) and then he inserts Saturnian symbolism (I saw the planet Saturn in the sky, etc...) to make it agree with the Kircher Tree arrangement.

**Astrological force.

***Using the Saadia Tree for Qabalistic symbolism and my own Metabolism of Time system to interpret the physiognomical characters and thereafter derive their 'message' for my cell.